『われ悩む、ゆえにわれあり ツチヤ教授の人生相談』土屋賢二 "I am suffering, therefore I am a Professor Tsuchiya's life consultation" Kenji Tsuchiya




· Do what people can not do

→lead to significance of existence



『あの人はなぜ、東大卒に勝てるのか 論理思考のシンプルな本質』津田久資 "Why does he win the graduation of Tokyo University? Simple essence of logical thinking" Tsuda Hisashi










· Accountability for ideas (ability to explain)

→As far as I can explain, the evidence I am thinking


· Do not leave the memo as it is in bulleted list, and convert it back into sentences using conjunctions later

→I can organize my thoughts


· Start a word before PowerPoint

→After thinking with sentences



『君は、世界を迎え撃つ準備ができているか?』田村耕太郎 "Are you ready to meet the world?" Kotaro Tamura










· The 21st century is the age of India

China will aging before becoming rich


· Think out what you can only do


· First of all, let's clarify what common interests will be for people who are involved in their vision and involvement, and train their presentation skills.


· Know what people want



『菜根譚生きかたの極意 超訳で学ぶ至高の中国古典』皆木和義 "Saikontan Supreme Chinese Classics Learned from Supernatural Translation of Alive" Kazuyoshi Minagi









· "Even if you suffer from the worst happening event, you must never throw away belief or lose sight, the reason why I continued without kinking so far was only one thing. Because I loved the work I was doing.
Please also find your favorite things. Both work and love are basically the same. Everyone thinks that work occupies a big part of life, but the only thing you need to be truly satisfied is to tackle work that you believe is wonderful. That's it.
If you have not found it yet, keep looking. Never stop. "

· Doing things you love from the bottom of my heart, doing love opens the way of life.

· "Your time is limited, so please do not waste your time living an unwilling life like living someone else's life."



『陰山英男の「集中力」講座』陰山英男 "Hideo Kageyama's" concentration "course Kageyama HIdeo













· The first thing you should check with your handbook is just "vacation schedule".

→ The idea of reversal! By taking the day off from priority, I can take a vacation properly, and I think the concentration will be stronger about sharpness!

· Tension caused by pressure disturbs concentration fairly. To be "relaxed" from usual.

→ I felt the tension was good, but it seems not.

· Yoshida lost in the international convention in China, when 119 consecutive winning records ceased.Since the big record was over, the mass communication at the time was a big fuss.She said she was told by her mother that she returned to her parents house after a meeting at the airport."Saori, I'm glad you understood the feelings of 119 people who lost to you."I think that it is a tremendously deep remark.



『巨大な夢をかなえる方法 世界を変えた12人の卒業式スピーチ』ジェフ・ベゾス "How to make huge dreams Graduation speech of 12 people who changed the world" Jeff Bezos



· It is hard for today. Tomorrow is much harder. But the day after tomorrow, a wonderful day is waiting.
→ Alibaba Jack Ma words of. deep.



『朝イチでメールは読むな! 仕事ができる人に変わる41の習慣』酒巻久 "Do not read e-mails in the morning! 41 customs turning into people who can work "Hisashi Sakamaki


· The most important thing is "a humble attitude of trying to know humans", and conversely speaking, if it is this attitude, even if it is not a so-called deviation value elite, it becomes a "person who can work", and in business There is infinite possibility of success.